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How to pack your bag along with a one way ticket to Anywhere?

By on April 24, 2016
Packing a bag for a long-term travel is a tough responsibility. How to make the right choices and keep the balance between overpacking and taking enough? What bag to choose and what clothes to bring? How to prepare for everything on your way when you have not even decided yet which way you are going? Buying all the gear can be extremely costly, is there a way to get yourself equipped on a budget? I don't think I am an expert but I think I found some answers to these questions! I am happy to share here:


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Quote of the Day : traveler becomes a storyteller

By on April 23, 2016
Quote of the day :


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Becoming a pilgrim : walking the way of Saint James de Compostela

By on March 29, 2016
Nowadays around 200,000 people follow the ways of St. James every year. Some share the journey with their family or friends but many will walk The Way alone. Some people do it out of religious or spiritual conviction, others are in it for the challenge and the taste of adventure. What ever your interests are, my advise - just try it! You are guaranteed to get submerged in the local culture, witness spectacular landscapes and be charmed by towns and villages along the way...