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A Little about The Wanderlust Me

The Wanderlust Me is a place where you can follow the adventure stories of a nomadic girl, find travel tips and advice, learn how to get the most out of a travel experience on a low budget and get inspired to follow your dreams like I follow mine.
This Travel Blog is created just before I make a big step into the Big World, leaving behind my fears of the far-away-lands. For the past decade I have considered myself a true European citizen having traveled through 27 European countries and having lived in six of them for various periods of time. My Home was in my suitcase and Europe was my backyard. Traveling through Europe was so easy that traveling anywhere else started to seem too difficult. I have developed a fear for the rest of the World: the long costly flights, the visas, the vaccinations – it all created a barrier I just could not bring myself to cross. Until the Year 2016 – I am ready to step out of my comfort zone.
I quit my job, got rid of most of my possessions and, in a pursuit of happiness, I left Europe and headed to Asia with an open-mind and a backpack on my shoulders.

Want to know more about me?

Here is My Story:

Born in the USSR, raised in a small Eastern European country of Latvia I always felt that the World was too big and beautiful to stay in one place forever. I was lucky enough to have opportunities to travel with my parents as a kid; those family holidays were inspirational and only made me hungry for more. I am persuaded I have inherited the Wanderlust from my parents and grandparents as they were part of the popular “tourist clubs” back in the Soviet times. They hiked the forests, climbed the mountains and rafted the rivers from the far East to the very West of the Soviet Republics. Growing up i got to hear their stories, see the pictures, watch them make their own travel gear (as nothing could be bought back in that time) and listen to the bard songs by the fire outside camping tents.
Thus at the age of 18, I couldn’t wait to go on my first independent trip – a whole summer in North Wales, working at a local coffee shop in Bala village and exploring everything North Wales has to offer in the free time I had.
Ever since that first trip I was hooked! I have then become a serial expat moving from one country to another in search for ever new life experiences, meeting wonderful people and learning new skills and languages along my way.
This lifestyle I chose for myself lead me to my next big step – in 2016 I decided to put my fears aside and finally see the World.
My itinerary? I have none.  I leave Europe with a one-way ticket to the East, an open-mind and the trust in the magic of serendipity. On this long-term journey I want to see what the World has to offer, become part of the local communities, eat local food, dance, become a volunteer and help along my way with community projects, share the stories of the people I meet and learn more about myself, what I can achieve, what I can become, what skills I can acquire. I guess I am just a wandering soul deep down looking for the next mind-blowing life experience.



My very first independent trip to the UK. It was a huge adventure : exciting and scary at the same time. I was dreaming of a foreign land and a self-reliant experience, so I found an agency in Latvia which offered to find work placement in the UK. This is how I became a waitress at a local coffee shop in a Welsh village of Bala. I learned how to make scones and welsh cakes, danced with the local sheep farmers at the only two pubs of the village, took a tractor ride to a barn party and explored everything there is to see in the North Wales. Now you know what I did that Summer! 🙂


I became a proud Architectural student at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury, UK. These were three exciting years which flew by in a blink of an eye. Studying abroad was a huge dream of mine but living an Erasmus Experience was on my bucket list too, so I spent 6 months as an exchange student in Lille, France.


After Part 1 bachelors degree in Architecture in the UK you are meant to validate an internship and I got an offer to work at “Fantastic Norway Architects” in Oslo, Norway. Only an adventurous person or a fool would accept an unpaid internship offer in one of the most expensive countries in the World, leaving with a 1000 euros of savings (barely enough to last a few months in Oslo) in a pocket and trusting that serendipity will sort things out. It did! I ended up staying 18 months in this beautiful country, made lifetime friends, learned Norwegian language, plus randomly became a little chef at a little Italian Coffee Shop.


I was lucky to get accepted to an ERASMUS MUNDUS masters program in Cultural Heritage Management. During two years I lived, studied and traveled in France, Italy and Germany. This was a truly international experience, we were 16 students, coming from 14 different countries, studying in 4 different languages (French, Italian, German and English) and moving to a new country every 6 months.

Knowing I would have to move around so often, I had an idea to get a car and she became my trusted travel-buddy for numerous road trips around Europe for the next 5 years.


I got an Almost-Perfect-Job offer as a Project Manager at the Association of Le Corbusier Sites. The job was about 90 percent my Dream-job  : I could be a part of a team yet independent and flexible, I was managing projects on international scale, working with European institutions in several languages and best of all – traveling frequently. The other 10 percent were making me miserable and a year later I got sucked into a depression. While battling against the melancholia and misery in the those gloomy days at the end of 2014, I was trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel, questioning myself, what should I change in my life: new job, new city, new country, new experience…

New year – new beginnings. One idea that came into my mind and dragged me out from my low spirits was Escaping-Into-The-World. I decided it was about time I stop admiring other peoples amazing travel experiences and live one of my own. This was the perfect timing to start living a life worth documenting. It was a fantastic idea but it was equally scary. It took me a few months to get used to it, then a few months to share it with my family and friends, then another few months to wrap up my life in France and for the first time in a decade, move back to Latvia to spend some quality time with my family before my Grand Escape.
Ticket to Nepal is booked! Stay tuned for my next life episode…
To be continued!

My Travel Style:

I am a city girl with a deep appreciation for land and Mother Nature and those two things determine how I love to travel. All in all, I’m a low-budget-down-to-earth kinda traveler. European Low-Cost airlines like Rynair, Wizzair and Easyjet have been my best friends in the past few years and along with carpooling and hitchhiking have allowed me to afford myself numerous trips and adventures.


Hikes are on top of my list as I believe life is best lived outdoors. Bread tastes that much better when you feel you deserved it after the challenges of the day, and the further you walk away from the city the closer you seem to get to your inner self.


Long weekend getaways are just a perfect breather from the everyday routine. It can be truly low-budget too! Catch some low-cost tickets, try out couchsurfing or airbnb,  wander the streets of a new city, window-shop to get a better impression of the local lifestyle, taste the food, listen to some live-music at some bar and return home with your batteries fully recharged.


Here’s a fantastic way to spend a holiday – be adventurous, challenge yourself, try out something new! Anything from snowboarding or telemark skiing in the winter and cycling, kayaking or via ferrata climbing in the summer are just the right cup of tea for me.


What is an Urban-Speed-Dating-Road-Trip you might ask? 🙂

In the period from 2011 until 2015 I owned a car and while living in France, Italy and Germany, once a year I had to take it back to Latvia for an annual MOT test. This circumstance created a fantastic opportunity for various road trips. To make the best out of the 2000 mile journey and still have some extra time to spend with my family in Riga, I would plan a 4-5 day trip, splitting the distance in such a way to insure a quick visit in some 7-9 cities on the way.

Having breakfast in Strasbourg, stopping for lunch and a quick walk in Germany’s Fairy-Tale dream town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and listening to a violin concert in Berlin in the evening is just an example of one day on such a Road-Trip. It is fast pace and speedy but paints an atmospheric impressionist-style picture of the cities visited – Urban-Speed-Dating!

Thank you so much for reading this!
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